Tech Support Stories

Part of my job is tech support for our field employees… On most days the calls I get are easy to fix, but sometimes I get these bizarre issues that just boggle my mind.

I encountered the weirdest email problem ever today.

A guy called me up complaining that his Outlook won’t pull email anymore. I run him through the usual hoops, checking and retyping all the settings, creating a new Outlook profile and etc… Nothing worked.

He can ping both the POP and SMTP servers. He can telnet to both servers and issue commands. When creating a new profile (via Control Panel), the “Test Account Settings” shows him that everything is set up correctly, and he can connect without a problem. And yet, when he runs the same test in Outlook it fails to even connect.

Something is preventing Outlook from connecting, but it’s not the firewall. The guy swears up and down that the firewall is disabled, and switched off. I made him check it like 20 times. But there has to be something blocking it – I just can’t get any useful info out of him. Clueless people make phone support really difficult…

I told him to install tightvnc – and on Monday I will make him plug the laptop directly to the modem so that I can remotely get in and poke around. I bet this is something fucking trivial – he is just to clueless to notice…

Another guy actually managed to completely destroy a fresh install of Win2k in 3 days. I sent him a clean laptop with Norton AV and Windows AntiSpyware crap on Tuesday. I run a virus and spyware scans before I packed it into a box. Today his machine was barely moving at all. Norton is completely disabled, and something is locking his task-manager (when he does Ctrl+Alt+Del, or right clicks on taskbar the Task Manager option is grayed out). He said that AntiSpyware found tons of things and removed it yesterday. When Norton was still working, it also removed 5 or 6 viruses in the past few days. And then it just died. I actually don’t know if it is even possible to recover from this shit. It sounds like his system was completely overrun…

I seriously don’t know how people do this… How can you get your system so badly infected? Sometimes I think it would just be easier to have a training session on how to download pr0n without destroying your system. I’m pretty sure this would really cut down on the amount of tech support we need to do here…


2 Responses to “Tech Support Stories”

  1. Matt Says:

    LOL i can see it now

    The drop-in center presents:
    Porn Saftey! Because you want to watch people get fucked, not your computer.

  2. Luke Says:


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