Some days are just weird…

Today was a weird day…

I think I saw the stupid ProLiant logo in my dream… Damn that stupid server. This is the only thing it does these days – it shows ProLiant on the screen and stops. I have seen so much of that logo in the past 2 days that I think it got burned into my retina…

When I was getting ready for work today, the TV was on some news station (I think CNN). I actually caught a glimpse of a HP commercial on TV at some point. Guess what were they selling? Pro fucking Liant servers! Agh!

HP technician finally showed up to replace the mobo. After he plugged in all the hardware into place, but before he put the air-guards, latches and all the other funky bullshit in place he did a test. The server zoomed through the ProLiant logo and started doing the POST. I was ready to hug him! But my joy was short lived… Soon after POST finished we run into a non-system-disk error.

The technician said not to worry, because we might need to fiddle with the BIOS a bit to get the RAID working and all. He powered the machine down, put it together, closed it and and booted back up… Only to see the static ProLiant logo. He spent the next hour and a half fiddling with the parts and scratching his head.

He is supposed to come back tomorrow with a new CPU and power supply… Will it get fixed? Who knows. This damn thing is shot… I’m just praying that the MySQL database and the nightly backup dumps are on the backup tapes… If the drives are dead, I am going to puke.

Fast forward till after the lunch. One of my co workers went absolutely hysterical. Apparently her boyfriend tried to commit suicide, took something and then called her at work while being barely coherent. It sounded really serious… There was really nothing we could do. We all sat there listening to her pleading on the phone with him. Petrified… Another girl quickly called in an ambulance for him (while he was still on the phone), and then offered to drive her home. That was pretty much all the assistance we could give.

What do you say in that situation? What do you do? It’s messed up.

When I got home I saw another ProLiant commercial… Fuck ProLiant! I hate their guts!

Some days are just weird like that…


One Response to “Some days are just weird…”

  1. Dan Says:

    Not to make light of a suicidal person but I cannot help but think. . .

    The man on the phone was indeed “terminally incoherent.”


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