Karina from MobuzzTV is Hot!

Recently I discovered a great little vlog news site called MobuzzTV. It is a daily 3 minute vidcast, talking about the things that are currently hot news on the interwebs.

The site describes itself as “A vlog for the mobile generation”. The self imposed goal of the Mobuzz people is to provide us daily news in byte sized chunks that can be easily watched on a mobile phone or an ipod. I like this format. My attention span is way to short these days, and I just don’t have time to sit through the lengthy podcasts.

Mobuzz is done very professionally, the commentary is clever and witty and the news presenter Karina is hot. I swear, there is nothing hotter than an attractive girl delivering an intelligent, and passionate commentary on technology related news, quoting slashdot, boingboing and the like. The fact that she really seems to know what she is talking about and this makes her so much more irresistible 😛

So this is not just some random silly vlog. This is the fresh web and tech buzz, professionally delivered by hot chicks in byte sized increments for people without any attention span. I think I’m addicted…


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