Battlestar Galactica: The Capitan’s Hand

How interesting. Roslin is forced to compromise her stance on abortion in order to secure support of the religious Gemini voters. This gives Baltar a chance to play the abortion card to his advantage and look like the good guy.

Does he have a chance in the election? Good question. If he plays his cards well he might have a shot. But he is barely coherent on his good days, and he tends to talk to his invisible Cylon friend in public. People notice that…

What happened to that whole “finding Earth” thing anyway? Not so long ago half of the fleet was willing to put their lives on the line and follow Roslin as their prophet. Now they are making a big fuss over abortion issue? Geez… You never know where you stand with the religious fanatics.

I wonder what will happen when they find out that her cancer was mysteriously cured using the blood of a hybrid fetus. I think there would be one hell of a shitstorm over this. Besides, if she is not dying, she can’t be the prophet eh?

Of course Baltar also has skeletons in his closet. Eventually someone may remember that he was given a nuke for experimental purposes, and will want to check on it. Loosing a nuke can’t be good for ones political career. And if he runs, he can be sure people will start digging for dirt on him.

Next week they resurrect Sharon. Does that mean that Galactica Sharon dies? What about the hybrid baby? Very intriguing!


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