Dawn of War

My brother convinced me to play Dawn of War. I’m not a big fan of RTS games but I do love Warhammer 40k so I agreed to play a multiplayer skirmish. I haven’t tried playing missions yet, and I think I’ll leave that for later due to ton of schoolwork 😛

The last RTS game I played was Homeworld 2 and I was totally sucked in by the storyline . I essentially just wanted to get the boring gather/destroy missions out of the way to find out what happens next 😛 I also cheated a great deal by writing in more ships into the savegame config filwes. I would essentially just plow through enemies and don’t worry about resources. But I got bored and never finished it. RTS games are just not for me. If you played original starcraft/warcraft/cc you played them all. Dawn of War was no different. You build shit, and you gather resources by capturing points on the map. Same old thing. Eh…

I played as Eldar, and I expected to get my ass kicked because this was my first time even seeing this game. Thus we agreed on a truce. Neither me or my brother would engage each other until we exterminated the two computer players, and agreed to fight.

The game is pretty close to the tabletop version. Some units were absent. Dire Avengers, Swooping Hawks, Striking Scorpions and wraightguard were the most notable roster holes. I do not use any of those units in my Ulthwe army so I was not really upset, but I could see how this would completely piss of a Biel-Tan or Inyaden player.

It was kinda fun to build my units, including the Avatar which died around 7 times in this game. And I kept building him over and over because he is a monster! The only thing that would actually stop him was an en masse drednought attack.

On the other hand, D-cannons were disappointing. For weapons that actually rip open a hole in the fabric of the universe they were really underpowered. Marines barely noticed the blasts as they were cutting through my guardians.

I’ll play it again on multiplayer, but Warhammer 40k as an RTS just feels a little wrong. Oh well… My brother seems to like it, and he is an RTS guy so I’ll take his word for it. I don’t see anything special in this game. If it wasn’t for the 40k background I wouldn’t even touch it.


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