IT Crowd is LAME

I have no clue what people see in IT Crowd. I saw the first episode when the news was first posted on digg and I hated it. Since digg does not allow linking to individual comments here is what I said in the comments thread that day:

Incredibly lame. I was disappointed. I didn’t laugh once during the whole thing. The stereotyping is just stupid, comedy is weak and characters are not very interesting or likable.

Where is the jargon, the in jokes and usual tech banter? Where is the IT lingo? Why is no one making jokes about lusers, lamers and pointy hair? Where is the sense of superiority that most geeks feel with respect to the tech neophytes?

This is how total technophobes who never worked a day in IT imagine our industry. Pathetic. Obviously the writers did not do any kind of research, and did not consult a specialist to at least get the jargon and technical stuff right.

How do you take a formula that is almost guaranteed to work (come on, how many times we have seen the “idiot manager a tech department” thing) and messed it up horribly.

Now Cory Doctorow is singing praises for that show at Boingboing. But I guess he can’t slam it because he is partly responsible for it, as he admitted last Sunday:

I was lucky enough to do some small consulting on the show and EFF was even invited to provide stickers to decorate the set with.

I think Doctorow is a good writer, I respect him for his work at EFF, and I usually like his journalistic forages at Boinboing. But he crossed the line when he said:

I’m so glad that this show exists. I’ve waited all my life for a truly geeky comedy, and I think that this is it.

Urgh! Come on Cory! Did we watch the same show? IT crowd is hardly a comedy, and certainly not geeky. I would call it boring, office sitcom rehashing the stereotypical nerd archetype. Not a truly geeky comedy.


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