Hi-Def Output must be Down Converted

It appears that Hollywood managed to strike a deal with hardware makers. They will now be required to down-convert analog output for all the next-gen media such as BluRay.

[A]nalog signal must be “down-converted” from the full 1920×1080 lines of resolution the players are capable of outputting to 960×540 lines—a resolution closer to standard DVDs than to high-def. Standard DVDs are typically encoded at 720 horizontal by 480 vertical lines of resolution.

This is done to curb “piracy”? How exactly do they think it will work? This will only disadvantage the honest, law abiding consumer. Besides, even the average Joe will at one point ask himself – should I buy or download?

He can buy an expensive, DRM’d, locked down, next-gen media which will only play in DVD quality on his analog TV. On the other hand he can download a DVD quality analog rip of the same video, that is not only free but can be easily format-shifted and backed up. Which one is the more attractive choice?

If the low-quality copy is far superior to the original in more than one way, you know something is not right with the copyright protection scheme. But that’s just my opinion.

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