University Hall

Today I visited the newly opened University Hall for the first time. Holly crap, that building is huge. The entrance hallway is so big, you almost feel agrophobic walking around in there. Crazy stuff! The only thing I could think of when I was standing at the front door was “what a huge waste of space”. You could really put two rows of classrooms on each side of that hallway, and still have plenty of walking space. What were they thinking?

Livia suggested that we should get an indoor swimming pool installed there 😛 Seriously, we could fit that whole puny Panzer pool in that hallway. You can literally get lost in that building and walk around for minutes before you actually see another human being. It is seriously scary.

How much money did they spend on that building? Does this mean that they will admit more students next semester? I seriously doubt that they will have every single classroom filled out with students… And if they let more people in, where are they going to park?

And who decided to mark this building as UN? What the hell does UN stand for? Was UH taken already or something? Way to go msu – great way to confuse the crap out of people.

Sigh… It’s not like I’ll ever have classes in “UN” though. CS dept is still bound to the old crappy Richardson.


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