MPAA Pirates

MPAA Report a Pirate Site Source

This is possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Please look closely at the attached screenshot. This is the source I have grabbed from the web form MPAA set up to allow people to report “pirate” sites. Please look at the code snipped very closely and then look at the webpage. You will notice something very interesting.

Did you spot it yet? If you haven’t let me spell it our for you. If you look at the source again, you will see the following comment:

/** this script is free for any use, but please include **/
/** a link to in any redistribution **/
/** Author : Stephen Griffin, **/

Now check the page out again. Oops… MPAA web developers forgot to post a link to I think this might violate the license of that script and in fact make them “pirates” themselves? MPAA has “pirated” the code to use it on their “report a pirate” site! Too funny!

All jokes aside, we should really stop saying “piracy” altogether. It is a dirty propaganda word, and by using it we just play into MPAA’s and RIAA’s silly little mind game.


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