Everybody Hates Thompson

Jack “The Gamer Hater” Tompson (photo courtesy of wikipedia)

It seems that Jack Thompson can’t keep his story straight. He was just interviewed by NetJak and he once again seems to have changed his stance on his A Modest Game Proposal embarrassment. If you haven’t been following this story (because you were living under a rock or something), here is the rundown.

Not long after Thompson’s proposal, a group known as Fighting Hellfish created a GTA mod that would conform to Thompson’s specs. The Florida attorney however refused to pay the promised $10k to charity claiming that his proposal was intended as a satire.

Keeping that in mind, please take a look at the following excerpt from the NetJak interview:

I stated that the game had to come out in 2006. I specifically said 2006 because I wanted to see a real game made, not an amateur one. I wanted someone to spend the time to properly develop such a game, and then release it. So far, that has not been done.

I also explicitly stated that it must be a company producing the game. I mean, anyone in a garage can throw together something vaguely game-like easily. That’s not what I want; I want a real game that people can play.

Er… Wait… Wasn’t the proposal a satire? Color me confused. Apparently, the interviewer was confused as well – and confronted Thompson about this. Here is the lawyer’s response:

I never said the offer was not a genuine one. It is a satire, as Jonathan Swift’s original A Modest Proposal is satire. However, it was a genuine offer embedded in a satire. If the game is made and if Paul Eibeler names his charity, I will donate the money.

So which one is it Jack? Is it genuine or not? You can’t have it both ways. Where is your integrity? If you really want to make your point, have some balls and put the money on the table. Let’s face it Jack. You will never pay up! Whenever someone calls you on your bullshit you will simply fall back to your satire argument.

What would have to happen for Thompson to actually make good on his promise? Let’s see:

If the game is made and if Paul Eibeler names his charity, I will donate the money.

In other words, Jack Thompson wants Paul Eibler to publicly endorse a gorse, silly game so that he can then rant about his depravity, smearing him in mainstream media. Jack simply wants Mr. Eibeler to stoop down to his own level, and take part in his sick and twisted little game. Guess what – it’s not going to happen. Eibeler is a busy man, who makes much more money than Jack, and I’m sure he does not have time to entertain some second rate lawyer. And Thompson knows this all to well. When he made the proposal, he never even considered making good on his promise.

Also please note how Thompson assumes that Penny Arcade crew single handedly launched a hate campaign against him. Doesn’t he realize how many people read Penny Arcade? It’s a zoo out there, full of trolls, flamers, spammers and wannabe hax0rs. What do you think all these losers do if you mess with their favorite web-comic? They fire up their mass mailers, and post obscenities in your neighborhood. You don’t have to encourage these people. That’s what they do every day.

I hereby nominate Jack Thompson for the 2006 Biggest Douche of the Universe award.


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