Do no evil… Better do no DRM!

Google has officially strayed of the path of doing no evil. I never been this disappointed in them. Up until now I welcomed every new thing coming from Google with open arms. But DRM is where I draw the line. I have been a google groupie for long enough.

If google wants to play the DRM game, they can go to hell. DRM is evil. If you don’t believe me ask some Sony customers what they think about this type of Copy protection. Google is thus only slightly better than Sony because so far they haven’t developed a rootkit.

I like Google video. I have been playing with it yesterday following that whole CES hype. I would even be willing to forgive them trying to shove their player down my throat at all cost. It is a really neat service. But the DRM deal just bums me out.

I understand that to get good content, they have to “grease the wheels”, so to speak, of the entertainment industry. I also believe that Google has enough common sense not to pull off another Sony, and make their DRM as painless for the end-user as possible. My question is – will Linux users be locked out of the “paid” content? Will non windows users have to crack the DRM and thus violate DMCA to actually watch the movies they paid for?

I think it’s time for Google to change their motto to do no evil (much) because they are obviously slipping.


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