New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Or perhaps I should say Happy Hangover Day seeing how it is the 1st already 😛

Yesterday morning I got totally unexpected delivery. My new graphics card finally came. I did not expect to get it in 2005 but I did. Yay! So the first thing I did after opening my eyes the New Year’s Eve was to crawl under my desk, disconnect all the cables and put the new card in 🙂 Then I proceeded to test it playing Fable: The Lost Chapters – cause, you know, you gotta give it a proper test run.

In other news, 12oz Mouse does not make more sense when you are drinking. Seriously. I think you really need to be stoned out of your mind to actually watch that show. Who the hell decided that it is a good idea to put on a marathon of that crap on New Year’s eve?

Now is the time to my personal pet peeve rant: New Years Resolutions.

Who the fuck came up with this stupid idea anyway? People keep asking me this question, and every single time I really want to unleash a Shouryuuken in their face. But I’m a nice guy so I don’t do that. What is the point of New Years resolutions anyway? Do you know anyone that ever kept new years resolution?

This is like asking, hey – what do you want to feel guilty about next year? Geez…

Er… To end the first post of the new year on a positive note, these are the things that made me happy this morning: Sony gets sued by Texas and may be liable on federal criminal statutes. Whohoo!


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