Squad Based Combat

Squad Based Combad in BIA

Ark got me Brothers in Arms for Christmas. Unfortunately the game has a little tag saying GeForce MX not supported. 😦 So until my new graphics card arrives I can’t really play it. Of course the game runs perfectly on his computer and he was nice enough to let me play with it over the weekend.

I must say that the game is neat. I really like the concept of squad based combat. Its lot’s of fun to be able to position your men behind the cover, then tell them to suppress the enemy position while you sneak behind with a grenade and a machine gun 😛

I had to redefine the default keys though. BIA uses the RMB for commanding your squad and the MMB for the “aim down the barrel” mode. This is completely backwards, considering that all the games I have played lately (Call of Duty, Farcry etc…) use RMB for aiming mode. I kept messing up until I switched the two around – and now I’m fine 🙂

It is significantly harder to kill enemies in this game, than in COD. I kinda miss the easy head shots. Here you sometimes need to hit the guy 3-4 times till he kicks the bucket. Even when you shoot point blank, you usually need two shots.

On the other hand, this is kindoff cool. The enemies act realistic, and run for cover when you shoot at them. When you pin them they stay down.

I like it. Can’t wait till I get the new graphics card 😛


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