My Precious Blog

This blog recently became a big part of my life. I usually tend to post here every day, unless I have other stuff that get in the way. I got used to airing my thoughts here, and ranting about stupid stuff.

However, I just realized, that I’m hosting this blog on a free but proprietary platform, on a server that I don’t own. Sure, Google is cool and all, but what if I violate some silly rule from their TOS that I never even read? What if at some point someone decides to nuke my blog to make space for premium members or something? It would really bum me out to loose all my posts.

So I decided to mirror the blog locally, so that I at least have backup. I should do that weekly or something. It appears that blogger likes to use absolute URL’s for all the internal links so that wget –convert-links option does not work. If I ever loose the blog, and decide to restore from a backup at an alternative location, I will probably have to do some serious regexping to get all the links working correctly 😛

I should probably invest into some remote hosting and relocate the blog. This of course would mean that I would potentially loose my page rank, and confuse the hell out of google blog search and technorati for a little while. I don’t get that many hits, but I would hate to loose those precious few by moving around to much.

So I will stay here for now. But I will backup everything religiously from now on 😉


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