MSU Bloggers

I find it fascinating to read blogs of Billy Gay and Adam Copeland. These guys are part of the MSU IT legion, and they frequently blog about their current project.

It is nice to see that there is some actual work done deep in the bowels of IT lair in the remote land of College Hall. To bad we the students and faculty rarely get to see any of that work šŸ˜› I find that these blogs are a good place to get an idea what exactly is going on with our systems and networking people.

I also find these blogs are fascinating because their authors tend to blurt out things that average montclair network dweller does not always know. For example I saw them mention names of network servers mentioned along with the info about the OS and services they are running. Who needs nmap when you can just read the blogs. hehe I wonder if MSU has any rules about blogging about things like that. This could be considered a minor security risk… A cluefull person with some knowledge of msu network, should be able to extract useful info from their rantings.

But on the other hand, this is kindoff like watching a behind-the-scenes special on MSU IT work. I hope they won’t crack down on bloggers to much in the future because their stuff is interesting to read. Especially when they blurt out the juicy bits without realizing it šŸ™‚

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