Snow Sux

I got stuck in the middle of a snowstorm today. Apparently some vans are not supposed to drive in knee deep snow because the belt can fall of and screw up your day. Great advice, but it does not work when you need to get to work in the morning and the streets are not plowed. The snow plows actually came 15 minutes after the engine overheated and we needed to pull into a side street.

Yes, they did plow us in.

Yes, I called AAA but due to the weather conditions the service time sucked. It took the tow guy 3 and a half hours to get to me. Meanwhile I had to sit in the car and try not to think about how much I need to take a leak.

I actually wouldn’t mind getting stuck on a highway, or in the middle of nowhere. At least there you can always find some tree, bush you can urinate on without anyone calling the police on you. But when you are stuck on a residential road in West Caldwell there is not much you can do. Where are you going to go? On the left there are kids doing snow angels. On the right you have an 80 year old guy fighting with his snow blower. And all of them look at you as if you were some sex predator invading their neighborhood to kidnap their kids or something. Maybe I would have asked someone to let me use their restroom if it wasn’t for these evil glances they shot at me. Sigh…

Oh, and did I mention that my cell died in the car?

So this is how my day was.


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