Gigi Edgley

As you may know I’m a big fan of the little known Australian Actress Gigi Edgley. I had a pleasure to meet her in person at a Farscape con one time, and get her autograph. She has an amazing personality – very bubbly, energetic and joyful. We were joking at some point that they should put her picture next to the word exuberant in a dictionary. Seems to be the kind of person you definitely want to go partying with 😛

Anyways, someone pointed out that Getty Images has archived some shots of Gigi that haven’t really circulated among the post-scapers. Unfortunately it is one of those sites that charge you for access to the high quality versions. But they do have decent sized preview pics that actually do not require a magnifying glass to view.

Some of these never really surfaced in the wild. These are mostly shots from various public events Gigi attended. They have few shots of her in that very exposing fishnet dress that made people go apeshit few years back. That’s actually an image that I would like to have in high resolution.

Some other things that I figured out while browsing their pictures (they have 5 pages of Gigi): Gigi is way hotter than her sister and she is dating a gay version of Strider. Seriously, this is how Aragorn would look if he was a full blown, out of closet, flaming homosexual. 😛

Anyways, check out the pics. They are cool. I wish they offered larger images.


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