Out of the Crunch Phase

I am officially out of the crunch phase of the security project. All that is left now is to finish the writeup, documentation and prepare a presentation. I hope Mike doesn’t drop the ball on the GUI cause my code is not fully functional either. Not sure why, but I don’t think I have time to mess with it right now. Maybe once the paper is done I can fiddle, but not now.

Isn’t it interesting how every project starts with a good, whole hearted attempt to actually follow some software eng. principles, but it immediately turns into shit on wheels whenever some deadline draws near? I just realized that I overloaded the method “readHeader” 4 times in one class for absolutely no reason. These methods are not even remotely related, or even similar. What the hell was I thinking? I hate myself!

If you find yourself writing a comment “ugly hack below” over 5 times in the same class (or even method) it is probably a good indication that this piece of code should be rewritten at some later date 😛

But screw that. I’m done! Now I just have to finish typing documentation and we are in business. Worst part that I will have to do it in Word/OO.org because we will have to merge the docs at some point. Yuck! I wish I could do this in latex 😦


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