Cohen and MPAA

Everyone seems to be talking about the agreement between Bram Cohen and MPAA lately. I have two three words for you: MPAA PR stunt.

This is good for MPAA because they can be seen with the guy who is considered the king of pirates – the creator of BitTorrent. Of course Cohen himself was always against piracy. This is why the trackers are openly publishing IP’s of the connected peers. Cohen never saw a need to obfuscate this info because he did not anticipate illegal trading. In fact, on his website he openly discourages illegal trading via BT. But since BT is under GPL, anyone can do whatever they want with the technology.

The fact that BT is the leading technology used in distribution of infringing material has nothing to do with Cohen. BT is simply the best thing out there so far and that’s that.

Of course in the eyes of an average consumer this is inessential. Most people who buy into MPAA crap have lost their ability to think logically long time ago. Therefore MPAA can parade around and tout this alliance as a great victory for Copyright – “the great beast Bram Cohen, creator of evil pirate empire has been tamed! The world is safe again! Rejoice!” Whatever…

This is also good for Cohen. By making nice with MPAA he legitimizes himself. You see, MPAA lawyers have this problem… They are clueless as fuck! In their blind goose chase they could one day get a bright idea to sue Bram. He would doubtlessly win – but who wants to sit in court and listen to MPAA drivel?

Cohen is a hacker – he wants to work on his projects and avoid stupid lawsuits. He has no sympathy for the cracker community so he goes on record saying he is best buddies with the MPAA execs now. MPAA takes him of the “people to sue” list and everyone is happy.

Bram keeps removing illegal shit from his search results like he always did, and MPAA has another success story they can tell to all the dumb fucks who still believe in their propaganda.

Nothing has changed. Life goes on. The sky is not falling, so stop the whining and get on with the program.


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