I’m sick of SONY!

I’m getting sick of reading about the stupid rootkit every day! At first it was interesting to see this thing evolve. Then it was amusing to see people pounding away at SONY, uncovering more and more crap related to that story. Now it’s just tiresome. Why isn’t SONY doing anything to stop this carnage? They are getting ripped to pieces on every single tech related blog, and message board. Where is the SONY damage control team? What the hell is their PR department doing?

Some institutions already banned use of SONY CD’s on their machines! Even Homeland Insecurity dummies managed to figure out that your rootkit is dangerous – and they are warning people not to use your product! What are you people doing?

Why on earth is this shit still up???? That page should have big red warning saying: do not play this CD on your computer!

Are they really so deep in RIAA pockets that they can’t even apologize for breaking thousands of computers with their rootkits, and clumsy uninstallers? Come on Sony! Apologize, promise not to do it again and release a working uninstaller! That’s the least you can do!

But I guess this shitstorm is a good thing in general. It shows the content providers that DRM is a dangerous business. If you slip up, you are in for a beating. You can be the most beloved, non evil company – if you mess with people’s computers, you will get ripped apart by angry geeks.

So come on people – damage control! Damage Control! Let’s see some of it!


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