Warhammer Dwarfs Updated?

I’m so confused at this point. I just got the new White Dwarf and they have 6 pages about Dwarfs. Most of it seems to be rehash, but they do feature few new Lord models and a Thorgrim remake.

Then, on page 15 they have this “Forged Anew” segment which talks about some new rules. For example, Lords can take shielbearers as upgrades, Longbears are demoted to a Warrior upgrade and count as Core, Miners get some new rules and loose the 0-1 limit. It all sounds really cool, but there is no concrete information about the rules upgrade anywhere in the article. Everything is either fluff, promotional crap.

When I flipped back to table of context, the blurb there said the 6 page spread is a “preview of a new army book”. GW website has no information about this. I actually also checked the UK site, because they often have more up-to-date content. Nothing there either! The online store only has the old version of the book. Color me confused…

I actually started digging in the GW forums to find some leads on this. They have such a crappy layout! One can hardly find anything in that mess. But I found this post which seems to suggest that a new Dwarf Book is expected sometime in December.

I wonder why WD didn’t mention this somewhere in that article! It almost as if they lost the first page of that article. Usually they have some editorial or intro by the lead designer when they do new armybook previews like this…

Sigh… UK White Dwarf was so much better than the US edition. I wish I could subscribe to that one again. It was actually a gaming magazine – not a promotional rag. Every month, the US WD reads more like one of those mail order catalogues 😦 Sometimes I want to drop the subscription… But then I would be even more out of touch with the hobby than I already am.


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