SONY is a Software Pirate!

This must be the funniest thing I have seen this year! It turns out that Sony’s infamous XPC DRM (which already got trashed for including a rootkit, and an uninstaller containing ActiveX module that is remotely scriptable) actually includes some LGPL code from a popular open source mp3 encoder called LAME. Guess what – they did not attribute, and they did not provide source code – so they breached LGPL . This makes them guilty of copyright infringement.

So let me re-iterate that: Sony tries to fight copyright infringement by infringing copyright themselves? I heard about fighting fire with fire but I never actually saw it applied in intellectual property rights enforcement.

Congratulations Sony – you have just accomplished to commit the biggest PR blunder in history. Not even Microsoft has ever screwed up so badly. Let’s see how you dig yourself out of this đŸ˜›


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