Don’t buy Shit from SONY!

Heh. Sony decided to stop shipping the rootkit after people figured out how easy it is to exploit. This of course does not mean that their CD’s are clean now. Far from it. It seems that they use another scary DRM software from MediaMax! This one also installs covertly, cannot be uninstalled and calls home without user’s knowledge or permission.

The gist of the story here is – don’t buy music from Sony. It will break your computer! Go download it or something. Sigh…

They also seem to be out to destroy the video game rental market, and the second hand market using a new crippleware technology for PS3 games. Great!

Why do they have to do these things? I always thought Sony was a decent company. They make good electronics, and I always preferred PS over xbox… But I can’t stand evil shit like this anymore.


2 Responses to “Don’t buy Shit from SONY!”

  1. Paul Says:

    > I always thought Sony was a decent company. They make good electronics, and I always preferred PS over xbox…

    Got it in one, buddy. As a CE company, they’re up there with the best (I’ve got one of their DTT receivers, for example, and it’s a superb piece of equipment).

    I think it was one of the Diggnation guys who made the observation recently that Sony, while great in hardware for a long time, are only now coming round to having to do content as well, and they’re still trying to get it right, as this PR disaster shows.

    To make it worse (I’m sure you’ve seen this, but anyway it’s worth repeating), Mark Russinovich notes that one of the directors of first4internet, who sold the XCP mechanism to Sony, was previously a director of a few Sony Pictures subsidiaries. Hmmmm, it looks as if Sony has been putting business the way of an “old friend”, rather than going for best of breed.

    Notwithstanding the fact that it’s scary what all these content companies are trying to do to our PCs, I think this whole story’s hilarious – a major bluechip gets a can of whuppass opened all over it by the bloggers.

  2. Luke Says:

    Heh… Yes, this is the power of the Internet 🙂

    Great to know that Sony let’s the buddy backrubbing practices to get in the way of real business.

    I seriously think companies should be forced to addopt a “don’t be evil” policy 😛

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