Sudoku pisses me off!

Why do people like this game? I can never understand this. Maybe it’s me but I just don’t see how you can get so addicted to it. Sure it’s fun the first 3 or 5 times. It’s a logic game – you feel really smart after you finish one of these. It is still mildly entertaining when you played it 15-20 times. But if you still find endless joy counting up numbers in rows, squares and columns 2 weeks after you are either a masochist or you have a freakishly long attention span.

I just find this game dull and boring. Every time I pick one of these up I feel this strange urge to SMASH, KILL, OBLITERATE something! It usually goes away immediately after I put the sudoku down…

I don’t know… Maybe it has something to do with the trauma of implementing K-Maps using the cubical representation as an undergad πŸ˜› I still remember debugging Ben’s code. He had no comments and ALL the variables had completely random single character names like a, b or x.

Sigh… I just use this to solve them nowdays πŸ˜›


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