Holy Crap! I can’t read!

I was walking down the hallway in Richardson today, and I passed that big conference room just by the front door. There was some big printed out banner glued to the wall in orange letters. My eyes slid over it lazily as I passed. And as they did, I felt a chill run down my spine. I could swear it read:

“Montclair State Dianetics”

Before I could process this information I was already past the sign. But hell, if Scientology is brainwashing our students I want to know when and where so that I can warn people about them. Fucking cultists! Yeah, guess what I’m fucking suppressive so if you are a scientologist stay away from me!

Anyways, this made me back up and re-read the poster. This time it was with a relief. The poster actually said:

“Montclair State Dietetics”

Geez.. I need to learn how to read. Maybe it’s because lately I have been reading operation clambake stuff. They have some great first hand accounts from people who have been suckered into this crap. Lord, what a mind job! You have to love a religion which basically forbids you to interpret, discuss or even talk about it’s scriptures with anyone (ever).

If I ever find out that they are openly recruiting at MSU, I’m writing a freakin letter to the Dean with a nice collection of clambake links…


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