Nmap Madness

Dr. Robila showed the class nmap recently, and asked us to do a port scan on some of the campus machines as part of our assignment. For me this was a good excuse to run an exhaustive port scan on the whole IP range. Now I have a complete list of hosts along with open ports, OS information and so on – in other words, bag of goodies 🙂

I figured that if Joe Yun barges into my office to dish out some vicious LART’ing I can always say “Robila made me do it”. Besides, I don’t think he could track me by IP – I bring my laptop and I get my IP from DHCP so I probably get a fresh one every time I power up my machine.

Apparently few other people had the same idea as me (either that or they were clueless). Anyways, the IT guys did go hunting and pulled few of the school machines from service. Apparently James was using the department machine to do his scans, because it was gone today. So they do notice these things 🙂 It’s good to know.


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