Slacking off

Recently I helped my brother to buy a new computer (he is clueless about these things). Nah, we didn’t build it up from the ground – I’m to damn lazy for that. He had this machine for few weeks now, and he now makes me dig out all the older games that I used to play, but which could not run on his old PC.

The other day we digged out Call of Duty. I must say that multiplayer mode in that game is much more fun if you are playing with someone who sits within a earshot of you. We were sitting there yelling out stuff like “Cover Me!” or “They are coming from the West!”. Ah… It brings be back to the good old days when we used to take over my high school computer lab on the weekends to play Quake fortress 🙂

You see, we knew the school’s sysadmin – he was actually a young guy straight out of college. Before he came on board, they were running ancient 386’s with DOS + Norton Commander and Win 1.3. This guy actually brought the lab up to speed, put in new pentium machines with win98 on them and networked them. We still didn’t have internet connection (at that point, in Poland internet access was a luxury) but the setup was perfect for multiplayer gaming 🙂

I think the poor guy got fired for doing these gaming sessions in the end, but that was long after I was gone, so I can’t really feel bad about it.

Anyways, this is what I’m doing instead of working on my thesis or doing schoolwork. Sigh.. You know you are swamped with work, when you feel guilty for spending one evening playing games…


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