WTF is Chimaerat???

WTF is this?

I just got the November issue of White Dwarf, and I’m still trying to figure out who the hell came up with the brilliant idea for the Chimaerat model… What the hell is that supposed to be? I would understand if this was featured in the crazy conversion corner – a odd model that would count as a Clan Moulder doomwheel or something.

This model was featured in the WFB Chronicles section, as part of the Clan Moulder monster themed variant list. Someone actually sat down, and wrote stat line, and rules for this thing… I totally get Rat-Ogres – they just work, and make sense. Rat-Ogre is to ogre what a skaven is to human. We know that Ogre’s are susceptible to chaos and that they do mutate (eg. Chaos Ogres) so we can imagine how a Rat-Ogre could be created. But you can’t just slap rat head on anything and put it in skaven army!

First of all, this thing looks like a hydra – but I guess whoever was writing these rules wanted to avoid the Hydra(n)t jokes. Either way, both Chimaera and Hydra are already twisted and tainted chaos monstrosities. How do you justify throwing in the rat bit in there? It just seems silly… At least to me…

But then again, what do I know. At least this crap is not official 😛


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