No Google logo in Fullmetal

I admit that I was wrong about this. For the past week or so, I have been arguing with my brother whether or not the google logo appeared in the episode 29 of Fullmetal Alchemist. If you recall the scene when Ed has a flashback to the time he saw “the gate” – we see many flashing images. These are both shots from the show and real pictures of nature, art and architecture. Ed describes this as “the truth” but Izumi seems to have a different idea about this.

I could have sworn I saw a Google logo among these images. But I was wrong. I finally got around to going through these images frame by frame and my brother was right. It was not google. It was the Olympic flag. I got confused because Google uses the same colors for it’s logo 😛

I also saw a US flag, a traffic jam and bunch of other stuff which clearly does not belong in the Fullmetal universe. What the hell is the gate? Is it some kind of portal between worlds? There is a definite connection between the humonculi and the gate – and Izumi knows exactly what is going on. She kept saying something about “how Humonculi come into this world” or somesuch… This is really getting interesting!

Btw, if you have watched the whole series on DVD, please don’t spoil me. I actually want to watch it unfold as they show it on adult swim.


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