Why does Copyright Protection deny common sense?

Every single software and hardware business in the world follows the mantra below:

  1. Increase Functionality
  2. Decrease Price
  3. Make sure the customer is happy
  4. Profit!

But if you are involved in making DRM products or other copyright protection scheme, your mantra is slightly different:

  1. Decrease Functionality
  2. Increase Price
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Usually ??? is interpreted either as “sue the customer”, or as “kiss up to the entertainment industry” or something similar.

My question is how come no one calls bullshit on this? Why do people eat this up, and keep buying DRM infested garbage? For example look at this piece of crap. They sound like this is the best thing since sliced bread. It is not! What is it? It is a flash memory, that does less than a generic flash memory and probably costs twice as much. And I should buy it because…?

My friend desperately wants to install the new Vista build. I think this is a mistake because this is a beta build and it will be buggy as hell. But more importantly, Vista is an OS designed to do less than WinXP while it is distracting you with memory hugging eyecandy. I don’t care about Vista and I don’t get where’s all this hype coming from.

oh, it’s gonna gave transparent windows. Whoopty freakin do! I had that under KDE a year ago – big deal. You will have to buy a new monitor to see them on Vista though! What was that? You have a laptop? I guess you’re fucked then, aren’t you?

I’m used to Microsoft telling everyone to bend over. It’s ok – it’s annoying but we got used to it. Same with the entertainment industry. But with vista, they are not just telling us to bend over! Vista is a vicious gangbang with no lube, and you are the one who has to pay for the dinner and hotel room!


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