Digital File Check is Mallware

I think the music greed mongers are going a little bit to far these days. If you want to get pissed off check out the boingboing article about DigitalFileCheck or go straight to the IFPI press release.

These guys apparently decided to release a tool which will remove any P2P applications, and clean “illegal” files from your computer. It’s kinda like having Microsoft releasing “firefox removal kit” – but these guys can get away with it by pretending to uphold copyright. Personally I think this is ridiculous. I think any P2P companies on their target list should immediately sue IFPI.

If they are targeting Bit-Torrent applications I think Bram Cohen should be suing the shit out of them right now. I think people should just download this crappy mallware for kicks, name their home recording after popular songs and movies, wait for them to be indexed and deleted as illegal, and then sue these assholes for destroying their property.

I wonder how is software decides which of the shared files are legal and which are not? What if you are sharing the independent movie you made in college? What if you are sharing the video documentary from your trip? What if you share public domain or creative commons works? How can this software distinguish a fresh rip of a newly released song from the recording of your 10 year old niece singing that same song?

I think it’s time to show music industry how it feels to be on the receiving end of massive barrage of frivolous litigation. Hey, if Spyware companies can sue Spyware removal firms, P2P businesses should have no problem constructing a case against IFPI.

This makes me sick… And I just know that RIAA will be coming out with their own app shortly. After all they really do go out of their way to upkeep their image of rabid, insane, child suing hatemongers. They will not let IFPI outdo them in the “who can be a bigger asshole to his own customers and get away with it” contest.


One Response to “Digital File Check is Mallware”

  1. Anomia Says:

    DFC is a legal Virus&Trojan Action, then they need to be hacked.


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