Speculating about Sharons hybrid baby…

Ok, we have learned two things today. First, we now know Sharon was honest when she said she does not maintain any communication with the Cylons. They seemed to be surprised to see her. So she is clearly acting independently at the moment.

However, it seems that Cylons knew about the baby all along. They seem to be very excited that it survived. Which suggests that they allowed Sharon to break free on purpose. They did not really expect her to infiltrate Galactica this easily, nor did they plan for the baby to survive. But it seems that they are pleased with the outcome.

Now, my question is – why is Sharon special? As far as we know the Cylon clones are incapable of reproduction. I’m not clear why… The obvious answer is that their main mode of reproduction is cloning. Since you can’t achieve perfect copies via mating, you need to use clone farms.

Furthermore, Cylon clones are biologically different than humans. They have to be to allow them to effortlessly share memories. This could be accomplished by some bio-cybernetic technology that can be worked into the Cylon gene templates that are then grown on these farms.

I’m thinking that Sharon is their little eugenics experiment. But I can’t believe they haven’t tried crossing a Cylon with a Human before. Why then is she so special? Was the Boomer template tweaked to ensure maximum compatibility with human DNA? Was she designed to be a prototype mother for a hybrid? Will her baby in some way significant?

This doesn’t make much sense unless… Could Cylons be seeking to produce their own Kwisatz Haderach? Some kind of special engineered messiah figure? A human-cylon hybrid which will act as a catalyst, at some crucial point in the future. They install Baltar on galactica to make sure the baby gets maneuvered into position of political significance at an appropriate time, and then they play their wildcard by releasing Sharon into the wild.

Think about it – a child of the Cylon god, born out of love of a “rebellious” Cylon and a conflicted human. Raised among humans, and tutored by the man haunted by god’s angel (after all #6 described herself as such). Let’s’ face it – if this is not a messianic story in the making, I don’t know what is.

Now the baby will grow up at the crossroads – living among humans, but knowing that he/she is half-Cylon. If you put someone like this into position of political power you can expect fireworks fly. Such a person can achieve something unpredictably spectacular – either save or destroy the surviving humans. It can forever break apart, or forever unite the two races. Or do something completely un-accounted for – a wildcard that can light a spark and cause some explosion that the cylon-god cannot predict.

But then again, this is kinda far fetched speculation.


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