Some people get it, some people dont…

Here is a prime example of how some people in the entertainment industry “get it”.

John Steward, the host of the popular Daily Show on Comedy Central recently said that he does not mind people sharing his show on the p2p networks. Unlike some other people in the industry, John understands that the Internet is here to stay. You can either adapt, or be swept away and forgotten.

Adult Swim – a incredibly popular, late night segment running on Cartoon Network actually puts their money where their mouth is. They are actually planning to distribute some of their original shows online.

On the other hand of course you have RIAA extorting money from poor college students without showing them a shred of evidence. This is not new – just some more of the same idiotic routine.

So let’s summarize. The two very hip, very popular TV productions are for file sharing. They collectively have a very strong fan base composed of intelligent, educated people in their 20’s and 30’s with lots of disposable income. In other words they have the most sought for demographic. This demographic also covers the large part of the net citizenry of today. You have to admit that most of the online message boards, blogs, file trading sites and such are manned by people 18-30, mostly college students, or college graduates. These are the people who make the “internets” happen!

Hence, if you want this demographic you have to cater to them – by turning a blind eye to sharing, or actively putting content online. This is how you make the crazy internet crowd love you even more, and buy your crappy tie ins and tshirts!

RIAA on the other hand are quickly loosing that demographic. Smart, educated people get pissed when you extort money from them. If they are loosing money (which I doubt) it is not because of “piracy”. It’s because they are going out of their way to piss off their best clients.


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