Holy poop on a stick! Microsoft is desperate!

I think hell just froze over, because Bill Gates is actually planning to sell his holywood approved, DRM infested, old monitor incompatible clippleware called “Windows Chicken” (remember kids, višta means chicken in Lithuanian) for less than 100 bucks. Yup, Vista apparently will be sold for $99:

Word coming from Redmond suggests the retail price of Vista will hit the shelves at just $99, with OEM versions expected to be a little over half that. Official confirmation of pricing isn’t expected until around the middle of next year.

Wow… I would never expect these greedy bastards to drop the price so low. But then again, they don’t really have a choice. Most users have absolutely no incentives to switch to Vista right away. Sure, the new shiny GUI will probably be attractive to some. But all the added DRM, and the monitor issue are serious drawbacks.

Even with $99 price tag, I can’t imagine a reason to switch. I know that I will stay with XP on my home machine for as long as it is possible to play most of the games on it. But by the time Vista ships to the stores, and most of the games require the new graphics system, my windows box will probably be a piece of junk 😛

The only way I imagine buying vista would be as an OEM attached to a brand new machine in form of a “windows tax”.


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