Huricrane Aftermath – first hand account

I just found this very interesting surviver story on digg. It is slightly different from the rest of the hurricane stories because this one does not deal with New Orleans. It was written by one of the Alabama survivors who also got badly flooded. Her town was completely devastated by the storm and plunges into chaos. She vividly describes the looting that is going on, and lack of any kind of law enforcement:

I’ve been spinning a bullet around on the table for hours, wondering if it’ll actually fire if I had to shoot it. If someone breaks in, the phones are out, there’s no city or state government to speak of, the only thing to do is try to kill them. My room mate started crying this morning because she’s afraid we’ll be abandoned. We keep hearing about how New Orleans this, New Orleans that. At least New Orleans got the National Guard. We don’t even have police. People are getting looted and mugged, it’s no different than in a video game where all you do is run around and do whatever you want. I’m not afraid to die, but I don’t want to die here in this sunken city

She makes a very interesting point. New Orleans is on TV all the time, but we hear very little about other places that got hit:

Everyone’s abandoned us now. The media only cares about New Orleans, the government is sloppy and uncaring with their aide, making stations too far from anyone to actually help, and even the people.. The things that make the place a city, the blood of this community’s heart, have abandoned their own homes.

Anyways, if you care here is the digg page – go and digg it.

Hmm… I only wonder how she posted this. She claims that the phones are out, but she says she has a backup generator. Still, if the phone lines are down, cable and dsl should be dead too, how is she posting this?

Anyways, even if it’s a hoax, it is a great read.


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