Monkey 0.5-1 Ungreased

My greasemonkey suddenly stopped working today. I was fidling with profiles, setting up a profile with a proxy for tor browsing and such. Then I went back to blogging, and monkey did not work at all.

Scripts would not install, the options screen was empty and all installed scripts were lost. I reinstalled it several times and nothing worked. Then I figured I’ll revert to 0.3-5 which was the last version I saw working properly.

Lo and behold – it came back. My scripts were still lost, but I quickly reinstalled all two of them πŸ˜› Hey, I can’t live without my favorite technorati tag adding script.

Anyways, if you have the same problem – and monkey dies on you after switching profiles or such, revert back to the older version. The official blog admits that there is an issue with 0.5-1 but their bug does not look like my bug at all. The 0.5-2 release is supposed to fix it, but I’m not sure if it will fix mine. I’ll try it when it becomes avaliable and post about it.

I was actually about to file a bug but apparently they require registration. It is too fucking late to be registering for shit. I need to get up tomorrow so I’m not wasting my time filling out forms πŸ˜› On the other hand it’s never “to late to blog” so I just decided to rant here πŸ˜‰


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