MPAA == Abusive Colonialist?

When I read this, it actually made me want to puke. Just read the quote below and tell me what you think about it:

According to this press release from the international arm of the more familiar Motion Picture Association of America, the MPA “has obtained a general search and seizure warrants order covering the entire city [of Delhi]. The order permits police to search any premises suspected of containing pirated products, and permits officers to open locked premises without delay.”

Please note that general search warrants are illegal in US. They are prohibited by 4th amendment. These types of search warrants were commonly used by British colonial forces – and were one of the many reasons that prompted the Revolution. In other words, the concept of general warrants goes against everything we believe in as a nation.

It is very disturbing that an American business organization is actively sponsoring such a blatant abuse of authority. The fact that general warrants may be legal in India is not an excuse to use them. This is simply wrong.

How can we ever justify sending peace missions abroad to fight blatant abuse of human rights or civil liberties such as this in some countries, when our movie industry is actively sponsoring such practices in other parts of the world?

This is very, very wrong. Holywood should be ashamed!


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