Sharon Shoots Predictably!

Disclaimer: Spoilage ahead. You have been warned.

Last week I was slightly confused about Sharon’s motives. Then I talked to un4scene and she explained it quite easily: Sharon will do whatever is best for her, Helo and the baby. If it would be beneficial for her to shoot Adama, she would do it.

Armed with this knowledge, I watched todays’ episode and I just knew she is not going to shoot Adama! There is no way in hell killing him again would put her in a good position. If she tried that again, she most likely would get shot on the spot. As un4scene said, she would never do anything to put her and the baby at risk so, she chose to show Adama that she is not the same person that shot him. The way they set up this scene, it was plainly obvious from the start.

Sharon gives more hints about Cylon psyche. It appears that they do implant memories on fresh clones, and they do sync up. She remembered the Chief, even though she have never met him. Interesting…

She also says she doesn’t remember the assassination attempt. Which is logical. Boomer was detained and isolated after the attack, so she could not have a chance to sync up with other Cylons. If she did remember it, that would be a different story. For now, however, I think it would be safe to assume that Cylons require close proximity or maybe even physical contact to sync up. That’s why Boomer couldn’t share her memories with others while sitting in the brig.

There seems to be allot of speculation about the “And you ask why?” question. Allot of people are confused about this. I do not think Sharon could know about Adama asking this question over the body of Boomer. I think there are two possibilities here:

  • Boomer betrayed and attempted to assassinate Adama. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what was on Adama’s head. If you were in his place, wouldn’t you ask yourself why? Sharon knew Adama from boomers memories so she could have guessed that this was what he was thinking all this time.
  • The question was not aimed at Adama specifically. It could have been aimed at humanity in general as in “And you as why we Cylons pursue you?” or something among those lines. It shook Adama considerably because it was exactly what he asked Boomer in the morgue.

Most likely it is a little bit of both. She asked a very general question, and she hoped that it will also affect Adama personally.

I’m pretty sure Sharon’s’ loyalty lies with humans for now. At least as long as it is beneficial to her. But if someone threatens her, she will be more than willing to turn around and help the other side.

The way I see it, she knows that Helo is loyal to his own species. He does love her, but Sharon is not sure if he loves her enough to betray his own people for her. Once she turns, Helo will have to choose between staying loyal to her or to his own species. She is concerned that might not choose to stay with her and hence, for now she will do anything to avoid this situation. In other words, she will stay on the same side Helo is as long as she can.

Will she be manipulating Helo? Yes, I think she will. Because she knows as long as she stays on Battlestar she is in danger. She is the enemy, and there are plenty of people in the fleet willing to organize an angry mob and come to get her with torches and pitchforks. At some point she might need to run, or do something drastic – and she needs Helo to be there with her. Therefore she will use all available resources to condition Helo to trust her no matter what.

But then again, the exchange between Baltar and #6 at the end could be an evidence of quite the opposite. Sharon could be part of some bigger plan. The question is – does she know about it? She could be instrumental to this plan without knowing it’s details. Cylons could give her the illusion of anonymity, and let her do as she pleases because they know that she will run back to Helo. This way they can deliver the hybrid baby to Baltar and #6 without Sharon even knowing that she is participating in this plan.

I’m beginning to wonder if Baltar is not a Cylon himself. Maybe they purged his memory for some reason so that he would think he is human. Sharon said she had vivid memories of life as a human, but she is aware of what she is. What if they would simply program Baltar to think he is human… An interesting question.

He apparently has no brain chip, but he does see #6. Would it be possible for them to hide the chip so well, that a MRI would not show it? Did he ever try that Cylon detector on himself? I missed many episodes from S1 so I don’t know…


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