Correct GAIM Configuration for Google Talk

Shit! I’m a retard. I need to get up early in the morning tomorrow, but here I am playing around with Google Talk. I actually downloaded the official client and it’s spiffy, but I usually have GAIM open for AOL, and another window will simply piss me off. So I decided to figure out how to set it up for gaim.

For some time I was convinced that Google decided to block 3rd party clients which would be beyond retarded considering they are using Jabber! Unfortunately, it appears that the retarded person here is me. Ah the joys of sleep deprivation.

Anyways, look to the left for the screenshot of a correct gaim config. Note that is the “Connect Server” and is the “Server”. If you put in the “Server” box you will get 405 error upon connection.

Earlier today it was working with under “Server” but it stopped at some point. I’m guessing that Jabber server at talk, authenticates against the gmail server. Neat.

I’m thrilled that google decided to go with Jabber. Finally, a big IM player who uses open protocol. At least now we can have good open source clients without hacking and reverse engineering the protocol. Although the voice capability is probably some crappy proprietary extension.

Anyways, happy chatting. I’m going to bed!


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