Caffeine can make you go nuts?

I just found this interesting study. These guys apparently got little spiders high on various drugs, and observed how this affected their web spinning skills. Now I knew guys who did this soft of stuff routinely in college dorms, but not really for science – just for entertainment. I must ask – who was more high when they were doing these experiments – the spiders or the researchers? šŸ˜›

Anyways it turns out that the drug that got a spider most fucked up was… Caffeine. Yup, even the spider on acid managed to make the hub and some spokes on the web. The caffeinated spider just spazzed out for a while and his web was all retarded. Wow…

Now I’m not sure what this shows, other than the fact that spiders should not drink coffee. And spider man should stay of Jolt if he wants to fight crime well. Other than that, I’m not sure what are they trying to say.

But they do try to imply that caffeine poisoning might cause symptoms similar to common mental disorders like anxiety(duh!), insomnia (duh, no shit sherlock), depression, and even schizo like symptoms. Good to know. If I start seeing secret codes in newspaper articles like Russel Crowe in that movie, I’m quitting soda and jolt gum immediately.

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