GTA made me do it!

Good news is that the GTA blaming, psycho cop killer Devin Moore went to jail. Jury did not buy the “GTA made me do it” defense. It’s refreshing to see that people are actually starting to figure out how dumb it is to blame video games for your violent outbursts.

On the other hand, the families of the killed cops, are apparently trying really hard to make a buck on this because they are suing Take Two, and the stores which sold GTA games to Davin. Now I understand grief, personal loss and all that stuff. But come on! The jury clearly indicated that they do not think that playing GTA was a factor in Moore’s crime. So why would you go and sue the innocent parties now? Especially the stores!

What did the stores do wrong? They sold an M rated game to 18 year old guy – which is perfectly legal! The fact that the guy was an unstable violent idiot does not make him any less adult.And as far as I know there is no law forbidding sales of adult oriented games to mentally unstable, violent adults. There is no way they could win these cases!

Sigh… I think I’ll just go and buy myself that GTA made me do it tshirt.


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