Finally, a linux distro for me!

I was itching to try Ubuntu for a while now. I really sounds like a great distro. I love debian, but I sometimes would like to have a little faster development cycle. Ubuntu seemed a perfect solution here. But, Ubunty development cycle was tied to Gnome releases.

I’m a KDE guy, and I refuse to use Gnome if I don’t have to. Of course I could just install KDE on Ubuntu system and I bet it would work fine. But, the major point of that distro is being cutting edge – each new release ships with brand new shiny Gnome release. Meanwhile KDE users would still have to wait till newest KDE gets ported to Debian. So in other words, by using KDE I would give up on that cutting edge factor that comes with the 6 month release cycle of Ubuntu.

I haven’t had time to install Ubuntu yet – but it seems that there is a better KDE based alternative now – Kubuntu. It’s actually not a whole separate distro but a KDE based project. Kubuntu and Ubuntu share the same core package tree and they can seamlessly convert one into another. If this was a fork, I would not be so eager to try it. But it’s not – it’s a project tied to KDE development cycle. In other words – it’s a KDE flavored Ubuntu system.

Which makes it perfect for me. Everyone is raving how great Ubuntu is. Now I can try it out, and have a strong KDE support to boot! Yay!


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