RIAA Brainwashing Continues

The most hypocritical advertising I have ever seen in my life must be RIAA’s new street poster campaign (via boingboing).

The posters read: “Feed a musician download legally”

What? Feed a musician? This should actually read “Buy a new porche for a record label executive – download overpriced music with crippling DRM”. What a load of crap this thing is! How about you feed your musicians yourselves?

After all musicians themselves claim that RIAA system is rigged so that almost nobody gets paid. How about you stop screwing over the same artists that you claim are starving because of illegal downloading?

The truth is that anyone who buys into their propaganda is a retard. It is a known fact that music industry is doing better than ever, but RIAA plays around with the numbers so that it appears like they are suffering losses. The trick – they are completely ignoring the actual sales data, and basing their losses on how many records they are shipping to the stores. So while the actual sales are up, they can still claim that they are suffering losses because they ship less records. Heh…

“Piracy” is a great scapegoat and distraction. Why would they screw with the numbers this way if they were suffering actual losses? Nah… This is all about personal gain, and corporate greed. There are few guys who make really good money ripping off young, talented artists – and they can get away with it by simply saying “the pirates did it!”.

This campaign gave me an idea though. We should have our own campaign! We should advertise fair use, and make people aware how the artists are getting screwed by the musicians. How the artists do not own their own work anymore. It should be complete with street posters and TV spots! Not sure who would pay for this though – standing up for the little guy kidoff went out of fashion recently. Maybe EFF could whip something up? I would donate for such cause!

image courtesy Xeni Jardin from boingboing


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