50 hours of gaming can kill you!

Some guy in South Korea died after playing an online FPS game for 50 hours straight (via boingboing). I guess to much of a good thing, can kill you after all.

For one, I’m glad this did not happen here in US. Both Hillary and the Biggest Douche would have a field day over this. We really do not need video game related deaths on top of the hot coffee crap going on.

All I can say here – this guy had issues. I do not think I could actually bear 50 straight hours of gaming – being online or offline. I mean I did spend whole weekends playing games at lan parties when I was in high school – but that’s slightly different. You were there with group of friends, you took turns taunting each other, you made beer and pizza runs. In other words – we were not just sitting and playing. It was a social thing – just with allot of quake fortress mixed in 🙂

Planting yourself alone in front of the computer screen for days on end is no healthy – no matter how you look at it. Still… It seem kinda wimpy to keel over after mere 50 hours. In my undergrad career I went for days without sleep (mostly due to my advanced procrastination skills) but I never died. This guy had to have some pre-existing medical condition. Or he just was dehydrated, weakened by hunger because he forgot to bring food and water.


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