The Golfer Enthusiast Invasion

My little sleepy, boring, little town just became the mecca of Golf enthusiasts from all over the states. Yeah, we are hosting the PGA tour on our local golf course. If you note the satellite image to the left you will realize why – that golf course is friken huge!

Essentially my town consists of the golf course and not much else. I don’t golf so for me it’s just this huge grassy area where rich snobs hurl balls around with sticks. Who cares, right? Well, PGA changes things…

I went to the post office today and they have huge signs in the parking lot basically politely telling golfers to find parking elsewhere. Now the post office is nowhere near the course – which scares me. So if they are concerned about people parking in their lot, this means we can expect ungodly traffic, and cars double parked on every street. I’m wondering how long will it take me to get home today…


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