Govermentally mandated backdoors

Great! It seems that the geniuses at FCC decided that broadband providers, and manufacturers of broadband equipment (ie. firewalls) have to provide an insecure bacdoors for the feds. Awesome!

Now I can have a governmentally mandated, hardwired hole in my firewall because the feds might one day need to snoop on me. Hell, they can spy all they want! In fact, all they have to do is to show up at my ISP and they will happily hand over all the logs of my activity thanks to the great clauses in Patriot Act. But no – they want full remote access to my machine at any time they want.

And of course this will never get exploited by script kiddies, and trojan writers. Of course not – no one will ever figure out how the backdoor works. I mean, come on – it’s not like these guys run a port scanner day and night indexing randomly generated IP’s. Oh, wait… They do? Oops…

Screw my right to privacy – it’s not like they are not walking all over that with the Patriot Act bullshit. Screw the security of my home computer – it’s not the end of the world if someone wipes out my hard drive or uses me as a spam zombie. But I do run a server for my company. And we do store some sensitive data there that we would like to keep private. If you put a standardized backdoor in my modem and firewall – then anyone can get in. Any script kiddie can mess with my data. The competitor can spy on me. Dissatisfied client can wipe my data… Great! Simply brilliant.

I don’t care how much pseudo-security they put in there. If the feds can get in whenever they want, someone will figure out a way to do the same sooner or later.


2 Responses to “Govermentally mandated backdoors”

  1. Kikyo Says:

    hey im your first comment.i feel lucky to be tell me how do i get on if the school blocked it from the has also been blocked.i need a new and more suffecient website that will give me a direct link to myspace and that will escape through the schools filter.

  2. Luke Says:

    Er… I’m not sure what you mean exactly. What does your school use for filtering? Are you firewalled off? Which ports let outbout traffic pass through?

    If you have access to a linux box outside of school, you may setup a squid proxy there and try ssh tunelling your traffic through that server. I have heard about this method working, but I never really tried it.

    Either that, or set up a VPN server on a remote windows box, and connect through that. Your traffic will be routed via encrypte pptp tunell so you shold be able to slip through the filter.

    You may also try using tor – it should have equivalent result as the above (emphasis on should – because I’m not really sure how exactly tor works with filters and firwalls).

    I guess the question is: do you have admin privs on the school machine? Can you install software on it?

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