Windows Chicken Requires DRM’d Monitors

It seems that Windows Chicken will require you to buy a new monitor to view the DRM’d content. I can’t say I’m surprised – this was to be expected. After all chicken seems to be a winxp with lots of drm, trusted computing support and (wait for it…) window transparency (gasp! What an innovation!).

All I can say is – that’s a hell of an incentive for me to switch to the new system! I have a working monitor right here, but no – I’ll have to shell out for a HDCP monitor? And don’t tell me they will be cheep either – hardware DRM costs mucho dineros these days! I expect a HDCP CRT cost about as much as a high end LCD and high end HDCP LCD to cost more than a friken low end desktop at dell 😡

Oh, and what’s the framerate for these things? Will the specs for these monitors be double super secret too? Will I have to have a separate monitor for running Linux?

Seriously – the day Chicken hits the shelves I’m gonna run to the store and buy it to get all the DRM’d goodness! I can’t wait!

I guess this is a sign that it is time to give up PC gaming 😦 I will be using XP for games as long as it is possible, and then I guess I’ll just buy a good console or something. There is no way in hell I’m ever touching Vista! Maybe if Apple does not jump on the trusted computing platform I’ll buy a mac? They do release some games for the apple, don’t they?

Most likely though I’ll just stick with Debian for as long as it is still legal to run in 😛


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