This sucks! They killed Boomer!

It freakin figures. I actually got interested in BSG because I noticed Grace Park’s Maxim pictures (see the sample to the left). I started watching it last week and hey – she wasn’t even in that episode. Second episode I watch – boom, she is dead. Great! Freakin awesome. Just my luck 😦

And she was an interesting character too. Why does this have to happen to me every single time I start watching some show? Whenever I start liking one of the female characters, they immediately proceed to kill her off, or severely downplay her.

Notable exception was Gigi. Chiana fortunately did not get killed off (but if you recall, Durka Returns was originally supposed to end with her death) but she was one of the most underused characters on the show.

I admit that BSG is somewhat interesting, but this pisses me off… But then again, since she was supposed to be a Cylon maybe they will bring her back? I would guess that they mass produce them or something like that. It would be kindoff lame, but oh well.


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