Pointless Online Games

Here is another pointless yet entertaining online game from newgrounds. This one is called Dad ‘n Me. This game was created by the same team that is responsible for the amazingly successful Alien Hominid.

The whole point of this game is to… Um… I guess beat up little children. But it is amazingly entertaining. You only have 2 punch buttons, but you can actually do some peaty nifty combo moves. On the picture here you can see a 3 punch combo executed with the week jab button. The character actually pulls out a knife and stabs the victim in this one.

Probably the most fun combo here is running strong punch witch throws the victim in the air, and lets you follow up with some areal punches – so you can actually fly with the little dude across the whole screen or two, and punch him like 10-12 times before he falls to the ground.

It’s a perfect time waster if you are bored. Mindless fun 🙂


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