Ban Chimeras?

I just read about this bill on meta. Apparently some people want to:

prohibit any person from creating, or attempting to create a human chimera. A “human chimera” is broadly defined to include various methods of mixing non-human cells into human embryos.

First of all, this is dumb. I’m really sick and tired of people freaking out about the embryos. Do we always have to have religious wacko’s holding back the scientific progress? And it’s not like we can stop other countries from doing this. This will happen, sooner or later. Banning the procedure here in US will simply set us back. And in the end we will end up importing all the nifty stuff that came about thanks to experiments like this anyway. It’s not like they are planning to implement the Island of Dr. Moreau (or it’s remake for that matter). This is just research!

What really scares me is the fact that when I saw Chimera I instantly thought about Fullmetal Alchemist. Then I thought about the Chimera Troop Transport in Warhammer 40k game. Only after that I connected it with D&D and Greek myths… And eventually genetics. I’m such a geek 😛

What is really funny about this bill is that it would actually make it illegal for some children to be born. Apparently, a human who absorbs it’s twin at an embryo stage, and as the result has two sets of DNA is also called a chimera. Which would make Dr. Venture an illegal abomination 😛


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